1) Download WadBot

Enter your license key, click Download (don't change the file name) and run the .exe
It should say "YOUR HWID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" continue with step #2, then #3, then #4... DO ALL THE STEPS OR ELSE WADBOT WON'T WORK!

2) Change Your Resolution & Text Size

Right click your desktop and click "Display Settings". Scroll down and change Resolution to 1920 x 1080 and text size to 100% (IMPORTANT)
If You don't see 1920 x 1080, open nvidia control panel or AMD and add 1080p as a custom resolution

3) Change LoL Settings

Change your Video settings to these EXACT settings (important) and Cap your FPS to 60 or 120

If you want AutoQSS to work, You need 0 HUD scale, English LoL Language and The settings below

4) Test WadBot

Get into practice tool and press F10 after loading screen. Use default settings or download configs from Discord.
Put config.wad in the same directory as the .exe and press "load config". Make sure the name is config.wad and not config(1).wad


My Mouse gets stuck

- increase "MOUSE TELEPORT FIX" in Debug settings and Save The Config

WadBot Only Attack Sometimes

- increase "EXTRA ATTACK DELAY" to 15
- increase "WADBOT SPEED" to 30
- increase "NOT ATTACKING FIX" in Debug settings to 12
- cap LoL FPS to 60 or 120 in Video Settings

WadBot closes itself after 5 seconds

- You renamed the .exe after downloading
- Your License has expired
- Your antivirus closes/deletes the program
- Your PC HARDWARE Has changed (new computer or windows update)
You can change your HWID once a month (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING)

Pressing F10 does nothing

- You pressed F10 outside the game
- You didn't set league to borderless (read all the steps!)
- You have another application using the F10 key. For example a razer macro

I Enabled SHOW RANGE, but it doesn't show my range

- Bind "C" to show advanced stats in LoL Hotkey settings