Download WadBot

1) Click Here. Enter your license and click Download (don't change the file name)
2) Log in to LoL (Don't be In-Game the first time you launch WadBot)
3) Run The .exe (Make sure there's no red text)

- If it asks for LoL Config Directory, select ?:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config

Test WadBot

1) Get into practice tool, play an ADC and use the Lethal Tempo rune
2) Give yourself gold, levels and items then place a dummy and hold spacebar

- F10 opens the menu, toggle ON/OFF features then press F10 to close
- Default settings are fine, but You can also download configs from the Discord
- Put config.wad in the same directory as the .exe and press "load config". Make sure the name is config.wad and not config(1).wad


WadBot doesn't attack at all.

- You need Borderless, 1920 x 1080, colorblind mode and relative team colors enabled
- You have some sort of color filter or sharpening enabled (NVIDIA Game filter for example) Reset AMD/Nvidia Settings to default
- You don't have english LoL language
- You play on Garena/China/Korea/Japan (Open a support ticket in our Discord)

My monitor is not 1920 x 1080

WadBot can only run on 1920 x 1080
If your resolution is less than 1080p, find out how to create a custom resolution in either NVIDIA control panel or AMD (use google)

Auto QSS Doesn't work

- You need 0 HUD scale, English LoL Language and QSS in itemslot 1

WadBot Only Attack Sometimes / My Mouse gets stuck

- Delete config.wad and restart WadBot

WadBot closes itself after 5 seconds

- You renamed the .exe after downloading
- Your License has expired
- Your antivirus closes/deletes the program
- Your PC HARDWARE Has changed (new computer or windows update)
You can change your HWID once a month (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING)

Pressing F10 does nothing

- You pressed F10 outside the game
- WadBot isn't running (read above)
- You have another application using the F10 key. For example a razer macro