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WadBot | #1 External Pixelscan Script for LoL

WadBot is an external League of Legends/LoL Script that scans/reads pixels from your screen instead of reading from memory to avoid detection. It's well suited for ADC players who want an advantage without risking their account. All subscriptions contain all of our features, including our brand new champion-based target selector, Auto QSS/Cleanse, Semi Automatic Ability Casting, Auto Smite, Overlay and flawless Kiting/Orbwalking. WadBot is primarily made for champions that use lethal tempo such as Kog'Maw/Twitch/Jinx/Ashe etc. It's recommended to play with a Lulu or Yuumi for even more attack speed. WadBot can also be used on other champions - For instance, you can use The AutoSmite feature as a jungler

  • Target Selector, Auto Smite/QSS/Cleanse/Heal/Barrier
  • Active Support Team and Community
  • Instant E-Mail Delivery (1-5 sec)
  • Better than DevilScript
  • No Memory Reading

Pre-paid WadBot Licenses

License will be sent to your e-mail right after the payment has been processed.
If you have any questions, join the Matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy WadBot?
1. Scroll up to the License Section and select a subscription.
2. Press The Buy button and follow the required steps.
3. Your WadBot License will be sent to your email 0-10 seconds after purchase.

Click here for Crypto payments
Can I try WadBot for Free?
Not anymore, although occasionally, we have an event called "Happy-Hours" where you'll be able to use WadBot free of charge until the event expires.

Update: trials have unfortunately come to an end after automated bots abused the system.
I have a problem, can you help me out?
Sure, we're always ready to help you out. Enter The Matrix - Join #General to chat publicly
or privately message @sleep1337:matrix.org
Is WadBot really undetected?
But do your own research. Ask around, test it yourself etc.
WadBot was undetected from 2019 all up until a month prior to the banwave timer (which is shown on the very top).
We advice everyone to use a smurf account, always (unless you have psychopathic tendencies).
What data do you store? How to use WadBot anonymously?

To use WadBot anonymously, purchase a one-time license and Mullvad VPN using Monero (XMR).
Is there any footage or videos of WadBot?
Yes! a lot of people have made WadBot compilations, edits, memes etc. You can find them all over YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Matrix #clip channel etc.
Visit WadBot's TikTok page.
I don't have a credit card, how can I buy WadBot?
You can pay with Crypto by clicking the "One Time Payment" button above.
Alternatively you can message @sleep1337:matrix.org in The Matrix if you have other assets/valuable items.
How do I cancel my WadBot subscription?
If you bought through shoppy.gg or sellix you can't cancel since you paid a one time fee and did not sign up for a subscription.

You can cancel your payhere.co subscription here; https://app.payhere.co/customers/sessions/new

Preview of WadBot Menu

League of Legends Kite Script Preview Image

Video preview of WadBot 5.3

WadBot LoL Script Trailer

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